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Our Mission

The American Influencer Association aims to educate, inspire and advocate for the diverse global community of social media influencers – including beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness, lifestyle, music, food and travel, by connecting its members with established brands & industry leaders for the purpose of providing educational seminars & professional certification, as well as exclusive networking events & career advancement opportunities.

AIA Awards

The American Influencer Awards honor the greatest contributors on social media, by providing a platform for influencers, and recognizing the excellence of the top talent in such categories as: beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness, lifestyle, music, food and travel. AIA celebrates the top influencers across all social media platforms at its annual award show in Los Angeles, CA.

Final nominees are selected by an array of different variables including, but not limited to, public submissions, advisory board, creative content, engagement, growth rate, and most importantly, the ability to positively influence! Winners are selected through our public online voting system, coupled with votes from our advisory board (weighted average), and announced at our annual American Influencer Awards show.

We will announce our carefully selected 2019 advisory board comprised of highly respected industry icons soon!

Details on our 2nd Annual American Influencer Awards show will be released soon, as well – along with other EXCITING news! Stay tuned!

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Our Team

Christopher Crellin

Founder & CEO
American Influencer Association & Awards

Christine K. Schott

Founder & President
American Influencer Association

George Ledes

Founder & Publisher
This Week with George Ledes

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